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Frequently Asked Questions

Some see results immediately but others may take a few weeks or months to achieve the best results. Some of our best success stories are after 3 months of use. Results may vary.

If the condition you are trying to improve is mild we recommend you start with 1 capsule.If your condition is moderate we recommend starting with 1 capsule and if you do not experience detox symptoms then increase to 2 capsules.If your condition is serious then start with 1 capsule and work your way up to 3 capsules.

YourLawn&GardenPro is Completely Safe For You, Your Kids, Pets, Farm Animals, Streams, Lakes, And More!

In Warmer Climates You Can Apply All Year Long. We've Actually Seen That YourLawn&GardenPro Will Help Keep The Grass Cooler In The Hottest Times Of The Year. In Colder Climates One Of The Best Times To Apply is Before The Freeze. YourLawn&GardenPro Will Grow Roots, And Break Down Clay To Create More Topsoil. This Will Provide A SuperBoost To Your Lawn In The Spring Time!