3 Ways You Can Get The Best Landscape This Season!

3 Ways You Can Get The Best Landscape This Season!

Having an effortless landscape around your house might seem like an idyllic pipedream, however, it’s much easier than you think. 

When you pay attention to when your plants need to be watered, use organic fertilizers and pest control to help support your landscape, and grow plants that will thrive in your plant hardiness zone, you’ll find that managing a beautiful landscape can be a reality that you enjoy.

Keep reading to learn about 3 ways that you can get the best landscape this growing season!

1. Plant According To Your Zone

Most people don’t know what plant hardiness zone they live in and often end up planting beautiful bushes and flowers that simply won’t thrive or even live long enough to last the season. 

While you may love a particular plant, trying to make it grow outside its native zone isn’t feasible. 

Due to requirements like high humidity and year-round heat, some plants will only grow within particular zones.

On the other hand, plants that need cold conditions will die within a year when planted in tropical zones. 

A good rule of thumb is to plant things that are native to your area. This not only ensures that the plant will be able to put up with the climate and soil conditions but there’s a good chance that it will thrive with little effort on your part. 

Planting native plants will also benefit the beneficial insects and animals that live around you and prevent non-native species from becoming invasive. 

2. Water Deeply

Over or underwatering your landscape can cause it to go into shock and even die if you aren’t careful. 

When you don’t keep track of when you watered your lawn or landscape last, you might be waiting too long to water. 

What’s more, you might rush through watering because of the time it takes to water your landscape in the way that it needs.

Instead, water your plants just once a week and make sure that you’re watering them thoroughly and deeply. 

This can help the soil retain the moisture that it needs to feed the plants and not dry out too quickly.

Keeping your plants on a schedule can also help them go longer without water so that they can wait the whole week until you water them again. 

3. Use Organic Plant Products

Using organic plant care products like organic fertilizers and pest control will not only keep harmful chemicals out of your immediate environment but will also help maintain the quality of your soil.

This helps plants withstand the stressors that they can encounter and will ensure that your landscape is much healthier overall. 

Organic fertilizers, like Your Lawn & Garden Pro, will help provide everything your plants need without any of the drawbacks. 

In addition, using neem oil in your landscape can be more effective at removing pests that will harm your plants than chemical pesticides are. 

Neem oil will also be harmless to you and beneficial organisms in your landscape.

Grow Your Best Landscape Today!

It shouldn’t be an enormous effort for you or your wallet to get a lush landscape this season. 

Using plants that will be happy in your yard, as well as using the right products to support their health can help you save money in the long run.

Watering your landscape on a weekly schedule can help create a routine that your plants will be accustomed to, which will help you use less water overall and ensure that you’re not overwatering.

Click here, to learn more about how you can support your landscape and garden’s best health this summer, so you have more time to enjoy being outside!

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