How Probiotics Can Help Improve Your Gut Lining

How Probiotics Can Help Improve Your Gut Lining

With all of the buzz that’s been surrounding probiotics and their health benefits, there’s little talk about what happens when your intestines become damaged from poor diet and nutrition. 

When your intestinal lining becomes depleted of beneficial microbes, this puts you at risk of developing gut dysbiosis

Without proper support through nutrition and lifestyle, a weakened gut can make other conditions worse by increasing inflammation.

Keep reading to learn more about why your gut lining is so important and how you can support good gut health. 

Why Is Your Gut Lining Important?

The intestines are ruled by bacteria that live in the gut. They help break down the food you eat and create beneficial vitamins and byproducts that help you thrive. 

On a smaller scale, your gut lining is made up of a special kind of tissue called the mucosal layer that has small finger-like projections called villi. 

These villi increase the surface area of the gut lining, allowing it to absorb as many nutrients as possible. 

This is where beneficial bacteria, archaea, fungi, and even viruses live and they work together to defend this delicate environment within your gut from invading pathogens and other harmful substances. 

How Does Your Gut Lining Become Damaged?

Your gut lining can become damaged when you eat a diet that’s high in processed sugars, nitrates, salty meats, high alcohol consumption, and poor sleep. 

These factors not only wear down the villi in your gut but also weaken the beneficial bacteria and other microbes that call your gut home. 

Over time without replenishing your gut microbes, they can become depleted and leave your microbiome open to bad bacteria that would like to make your gut their home instead.

This can cause gut dysbiosis, which is where your gut becomes more permeable to molecules leaving the gut and drifting into your bloodstream and triggering inflammation.

How Can You Help Repair Your Gut Lining?

The good news is that even if your gut is depleted, you can help support your gut health through diet changes, probiotics, and even prebiotics. 

By incorporating foods like dark leafy greens, fruits, and unprocessed lean meats into your diet, you can help your villi repair and support normal gut health. 

Additionally, these foods provide the prebiotic fiber that good bacteria prefer to feed on.

Eating fermented foods that are high in probiotics or even taking a quality probiotic supplement, like YourBiotics, can help reintroduce good microbe populations back into your gut so that they can kick out any squatters that may be residing there.

Help Support Your Bacteria and Archaea Today!

If you eat a diet that’s high in processed, salty, fried foods with excessive alcohol intake, your gut may be in need of a change. 

Choosing simple foods that you can easily identify on a label can be a good way to cut out the more complicated ingredients that may not be the best for your gut. 

Incorporating foods like fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet will feed both you and your gut.

YourBiotics can help support your gut and introduce beneficial microbes into your microbiome, which can improve the way you feel overall. 

If you want to read more about how you can help support your gut health, click here.

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