The Top 3 Gardening Tips for The Season

The Top 3 Gardening Tips for The Season

Gardens can often struggle when they come under attack from pests and diseases that can target your garden. 

Nobody likes seeing the hard work that you’ve put into growing go to waste. We’ve put together the 3 top tips to help your garden grow its best this summer.

Keep reading to find out the do’s and don’ts of gardening.

1. Use Organic Alternatives for Controlling Pests

Relying on chemical pesticides has harmful effects on not only the environment but can harm your health as well. 

This is especially true if you’re spraying garden plants that bear fruits and vegetables and other edible products.

Pesticides also kill without regard to whether the organism is beneficial or harmful, which can contribute to wiping out beneficial species, like the ladybug and other bugs that eat aphids.

To help control unfavorable pests organically, neem oil can be a great alternative. Neem oil can instantly kill harmful bugs like the dreaded scales that can decimate any plant or tree. 

The best part about neem oil is that it won't harm beneficial insects like bees and butterflies, which in turn helps support insects that have struggling populations.  

2. Planting Certain Plants Together

Some plants give benefits to other plants. This is because certain plants only use part of a growing space, whether vertically or horizontally.

Companion plants help fill in these gaps and can provide protection from pests as well as increase your garden's yield significantly.

When planting tomato plants, try planting basil and parsley with it. This creates a homemade pizza starter kit, and it’s said that the plants impart flavors to each other as well as increase how vivid the flavors of each plant are. 

Studies have even shown that tomato plants will produce more fruit when planted with basil. Which is definitely a win for summer!

3. Use Organic Fertilizers

Organic fertilizers not only feed your plants but more importantly, they feed the soil. 

Where commercial fertilizers target feeding just the plant, they can cause root burn and cause an overload of nutrients and salts in the soil. 

Additionally, there are many health risks that are associated with using synthetic fertilizers, like an increased risk of developing cancer. 

Instead, switching to organic fertilizers will set your garden up for success. There’s no limit to how much you can use, and with no risk of harming your garden plants. 

Organic fertilizers also help your plants stay hydrated longer because they improve the conditions of the soil, which means money is saved for you.

Using organic fertilizers like Your Lawn & Garden Pro often comes with the added benefit of bringing beneficial microbes into the soil, which helps enrich the soil.

Grow Your Best Garden Today!

Grow your best garden this summer more sustainably and healthily by using neem oil and organic fertilizers instead of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.  

By planting your garden plants with companion plants, your plants will gain added benefits and you can increase the size of your garden without using more resources. 

Everyone loves to enjoy their summer gardens and having to deal with pests, extra water use, and harsh chemicals puts a damper on your summer fun. 

Try these tips and grow your best garden!

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