How You Can Help Change the World and Your Lawn

How You Can Help Change the World and Your Lawn

Commercial fertilizers are the traditional go-to when it comes to giving the plants around you a boost of nutrients. 

While this method is generally easy and convenient, these synthetic fertilizers contribute to not only root burn in plants but also to environmental damage as they enter run-off water and get into the greater water supply. 

This causes unnatural algae blooms in water, local species die-offs, and introduces toxic chemicals that are harmful to your own health.

Here, we will cover what you can do to help stop this pollution, while also helping your lawn to look its best. 

Damage That Commercial Fertilizers Cause

Synthetic fertilizers are made with commercial chemicals that include nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium compounds. 

Because these chemicals are inorganic in nature, they are often harsh to the environment and anything that comes in contact with them. 

When nitrates from nitrogen-based fertilizers contaminate water supplies, studies have shown that they cause adverse health conditions, such as cancer and reproductive issues. 

Algae blooms also occur when an unnatural amount of nutrients gets into a water source. This includes both saltwater and freshwater bodies. 

This boosts the algae and bacteria growth in the water and causes the algae to compete for oxygen in the water with the other organisms. When this happens, fish and other animals often start dying off in that specific area.

Alternatives That Support Your Lawn and Environment

Before WWII, organic fertilizers were the main source of providing nutrients to plants. However, to cut costs in production, the world began using synthetic fertilizers as a means to support plant growth. 

Organic fertilizers pose no adverse health risks and can be used as much as you want on your lawn without having to worry about hurting your plants. 

This is because organic fertilizers, like Your Lawn & Garden Pro, are made using natural ingredients that break down at a natural rate, while still feeding your plants. 

Organic fertilizers also contain soil amendments that help support the health of the soil they’re placed in, often adding beneficial bacteria and archaea back into the environment. 

Why Using Organic Fertilizers Makes a Big Difference 

Because organic fertilizers pose only benefits to the environment and the plants they feed, by using organic fertilizers, you’re actually impacting the environment in a positive way. 

Not using synthetic fertilizers means that you’re cutting down on the pollution introduced into the environment every year. 

This helps to slow down the destruction that the environment undergoes and adds beneficial probiotics and nutrients to your soil instead. 

The environment and your lawn will be able to withstand the effects of droughts better, which is due to your plants growing stronger than they would with synthetic fertilizers. 

This will bolster them against pests and disease, which means you stress less and save money too. 

Make A Difference Today!

These small changes that you can control impact the environment in a big way. 

With not only the health of the environment but your own health on the line, there's no reason not to use organic fertilizers.

With Your Lawn & Garden Pro, you know that your lawn is getting the nutrients it needs, while also supporting the environment. 

Plus it has the addition of archaea, which is something that you won’t find with other brands. 

Remember, changing the environment doesn’t happen overnight, but rather in small changes, like switching out synthetic fertilizers for organic. 

If you want to learn more about how organic fertilizers can help you and your lawn, click here.

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